• Anxiety…aaaahhhhhhhh! - Just the word makes me tighten up.  It screams for my attention.  My emotions and body gear up for intense suffering.  My heart rate increases.  My stomach begins to digest itself.  Muscles cramp and painful spots get a even more painful. A lot of people would not understand this kind of response.  To them, anxiety … Continue reading Anxiety…aaaahhhhhhhh!
  • Spring is Here - Which means I am busy as hell and finding it difficult to focus on much else…our window for spring planting is small here, so any sunny days are gardening days.  BUT…I did read this terrific article on karma which explains some of the misconceptions many people have about karma. Hope your life is well filled … Continue reading Spring is Here
  • Little Changes - My species has been really pissing me off lately.  Yes, I am human…thanks for asking. Do you remember the old Rodale’s and Mother Earth magazines?  The news we are receiving now is nothing new.  We were told by many different experts that the planet was not adjusting well to our parasitism.  We were told that … Continue reading Little Changes
  • The Gift of Persistence - Feeling helpless is something new to me.  The medical system up north is a pain in the ass, to say the least.  I will not bore you with all the details, but I was in tears at home after an afternoon appointment which had seen me shuffled around, leading to me being confused, angry and … Continue reading The Gift of Persistence
  • very cool stuff - https://www.happify.com/hd/the-science-behind-gratitude/
  • Transformation…little steps - My own transformation has been about changing my perspective.  Perhaps that seems too assertive, as I have only made myself open to the blessings around me.  The blessings were always present in my life.  I did not notice them because I was mired inside myself and sinking in negativity. Gratitude is a spiritual discipline.  It is … Continue reading Transformation…little steps
  • Here We Go! - After a LOT of reflection, I have decided on the new format for the site.  Right off the bat, I will reaffirm that I receive no monies or anything in place of money.  No paid endorsements.  So my minions (sorry, “followers”…all fifty or so of you) can be assured this blog is for “me first” … Continue reading Here We Go!
  • Where I’ve Been and What I’ve Learned - An inspiring post from Julia   via Where I’ve Been and What I’ve Learned    
  • Spring Is Coming! - Ok.  It might not look that way, but the tell-tale signs are there.  Tracks in the snow, for example.  Not a lot of mammals are out and about when the temps drop below -30C, but with temperatures rising, activity is on the rise.  Including this mammal.  i get out in the winter, but a little … Continue reading Spring Is Coming!
  • 10 Mental Health Habits to Try This 2019 - Again.  i receive no cash or anything else for posting this article.   This article first appeared on MadebyHemp.   2018 was the year we saw a strong surge of mental health awareness. The public’s focus on health broadened to also include taking care of one’s mental and emotional health. People have finally realized that … Continue reading 10 Mental Health Habits to Try This 2019
  • Trying Not to Get Burned - There are things i do not share with others.  Anyone with a mental illness knows the dilemma of deciding to open up about “things inside”, only to find themselves in one of those “special resorts” designed for people who have “things inside”.  So deciding what to share and what not to share can be a … Continue reading Trying Not to Get Burned
  • My Own Worst Enemy - How do these things happen to me?  We were going down south to spend Christmas with the children, grandkids and friends.  We always have a great time together and it makes a great crowd with our eight children, their partners and the three grandkids.  But the city is a busy place, so it is important … Continue reading My Own Worst Enemy
  • Of Course it is - Extreme Cold Warning Issued at 14:33 Thursday 31 January 2019 The coldest wind chill values will be between minus 40 and minus 45. Wind chill values near minus 40 will continue tonight. Conditions will improve Friday as milder air begins to move into the area. Monday improves to -7, with the possibility of ice pellets … Continue reading Of Course it is
  • I am Now Mature - i turned 60 in November.  So i came to a momentous decision to celebrate my birthday.  i have told anyone who will listen to me that i have decided it is time for me to become a mature individual; an example to those who will benefit greatly from my stores of wisdom and intellect, i … Continue reading I am Now Mature
  • New Design Coming! - Hello my patient and forgiving friends.  I have been thinking of you often.  I have been crazy busy with company, travelling and gardening/processing food. I have decided my current design is unwieldy at best.  Due to my short-term memory and focussing issues, this will take some time. I want to move to a more consistent … Continue reading New Design Coming!
  • Being Human - Ok.  i will give this a shot.  i have, for the most part, been following my Recovery program; eating regularly and healthy, exercising regularly, sleeping well and so on.  i have been doing really well.  My moods have been stable and i mostly behave…you know. i came to a decision last week.  My denomination has … Continue reading Being Human
  • Gardens Update…spring has sprung -   Thought you might like an update.  The Goddess is down south (London) for a golf tournament, wedding and children time, so i have a little time to spare when i am not exhausted. This is often the “spring situation”, as the growing window is shorter here than places down south.  But we have longer … Continue reading Gardens Update…spring has sprung
  • Four Habits that Are Affecting Your Physical and Mental Health… Brad Krause…guest blogger -     Four Habits that Are Affecting Your Physical and Mental Health   The key to good health lies in habits — the things you regularly do on a daily basis will shape your long-term results. Unfortunately, according to research, you probably have some bad habits that are affecting your health in a negative way. … Continue reading Four Habits that Are Affecting Your Physical and Mental Health… Brad Krause…guest blogger
  • Find Your Tribe -
  • Cattle Drive Chili – A Cowboys Staple Food – American Cattle Drives 1865-1886 - Originally posted on Town & Country Gardening:
    The first thing you must do is learn what life in the 19th Century [1865-1890] was like. You must understand what was and was not available to the average family or trail cook. In most cases a cowboy was really a boy. Many young boys some only 12…
  • My Gardens - i get so excited this time of year.  Snow is finally melting and signs of growth abound.  Ground feeding birds like Juncos and some reddish bird who’s name escapes me Here is a picture of the trailer we have for summer visitors.  A lot of shade over there (great in the summer) so the snow … Continue reading My Gardens
  • Bulgur Bread - That is how some people look at me when i suggest they bake their own bread instead of buying that ultra-processed crap they sell at the store.  i will grant that it takes some practice, but most of that is learning to feel the elasticity of the dough. For those of you who are startled … Continue reading Bulgur Bread
  • Perfection - i think high personal standards are a good thing.  We see the effects of low personal standards in entertainment, politics and places we work or interact.  We would not accomplish much of anything if we did not have some sort of healthy criteria for living our lives. Perfectionism, however, is a different matter.  i am … Continue reading Perfection
  • A Cool Challenge from A Slapdash Talk - https://aslapdashtalk.wordpress.com/2018/03/28/2nd-week/ why not? the key word for the week was “mask”   Discretion I wear a mask No one can see The pain and turmoil Living within me Take off the mask I hear them cry, With noble voices Raised so high We love you, my friend, Naught to fear from us you’ll find A … Continue reading A Cool Challenge from A Slapdash Talk
  • Forgiveness - i have been wrestling with a lot of issues since i became “healthy”.  You likely know what i am talking about if you have a mental illness.  i think a lot of “norms” deal with the same issue, but never having been a “normal” person, i do not really know that perspective. i was sick … Continue reading Forgiveness
  • Easter Saturday - seems appropriate:
  • Helpful link for parents - https://www.parent.com/mentally-strong-kids-have-parents-who-refuse-to-do-these-13-things/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  • Tough Times - i know a lot of people who get pets and then suddenly realize they know nothing about the pet.  At this point, said individual either takes training, gets someone to train the pet (can you train an iguana?) or “frees” the pet. Look.  i wish i could tell you i was a great role model … Continue reading Tough Times
  • Dog Days - So, before i left to head south for Christmas, holidays and such, i had an “incident”.  To me, an “incident” is something which happens “to” me.  There is no shortage of events in my life which are self-imposed.  i refuse to read a map and so i get lost.  i do not read instructions before … Continue reading Dog Days
  • Practical Wisdom -  
  • Where to go from here? - Beginning to settle into a more routine existence here in London.  Sarah and i will be going to Curacao in week or less.  After, we are going up north for a week or so and then Sarah goes on a trip with her friend, Darcie.  Then Sarah is home up north for about three weeks … Continue reading Where to go from here?
  • Very cool - Phenomenal Woman BY MAYA ANGELOU Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size But when I start to tell them, They think I’m telling lies. I say, It’s in the reach of my arms, The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl … Continue reading Very cool
  • Well…that was just crazy - Hello, dear readers.  i have spent the last couple of days stuck in a terrible state. caught me by surprise and knocked me right off the rails.  Here we go… It started after i went to church on Sunday.  i really was not sure how things would go, as i have a lot of ecclesiastical baggage … Continue reading Well…that was just crazy
  • Confidence? Um, ok. - Hey there, readers!  If you have been keeping up with things, you know that Sarah and i have been working on our relationship and have made more progress than either of us could have hoped for.  i kept my Recovery goals in sight and am now back in the North, where my routine and outdoor … Continue reading Confidence? Um, ok.
  • Heading home today - via Cochrane, Ontario 7 Day Weather Forecast – The Weather Network
  • New Year’s Resolution - You have not heard from me for a while.  i like Christmas.  i enjoy seeing family and friends while i am here in London.  No apologies.  i am having a terrific time reconnecting with Sarah and we have made great progress in our relationship.  i know some of you have had difficult experiences this Christmas … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution
  • Psych meds 101: Sleep meds - Mental Health @ Home This is the last in the psych meds 101 series; I’ve previously posted about antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and anti-anxiety meds, drawing on my perspective as a mental health nurse, former pharmacist, and person with depression. While some of these meds are used  primarily for sleep, many have other uses as … Continue reading Psych meds 101: Sleep meds
  • Holiday Blues - via 9 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues
  • Cool…Buddhist teachings - via The closest enemy by Vilma Cupuano ‹ SeventhRay 2035 ‹ Reader — WordPress.com
  • 8 Things that People with High Emotional Intelligence Simply Don’t Do by Justin Gammill - Originally posted on Care, Bliss and the Universe:
    In life, emotions can be like the winds that blow us off track on the path to achieving whatever it is that we want to accomplish. That is why, in my opinion, of all of the life skill that a person can possess, emotional intelligence is as…
  • Tattoo; Yes or No? - Originally posted on DD's blog:
    The first tattoo is a big decision for everyone, and if you choose wrong, you’ll need to look at your own “mistake” whole life. But if you have already decided for a tattoo, read these 5 tips that will surely help you when you’re going to paint your body.       DECISION…
  • Energy Movement - Many of you can relate.  i have been busy with a lot lately.  That is not an apology for not writing more, it is just a fact.  Writers on a lot of mental health sites apologize for not writing because they are feeling like crap.  Not me.  My site.  My process.  I was tired. Exhausted.  … Continue reading Energy Movement
  • Psych meds 101: Anti-anxiety meds - meds info Mental Health @ Home This is part of a psych meds 101 series written from my perspective as mental health nurse, ex-pharmacist, and psych med users.  Previous posts have covered antidepressants, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers.  Much of this post will focus on the benzodiazepine class of medications, but I’ll also cover other meds … Continue reading Psych meds 101: Anti-anxiety meds
  • Exercise…very cool info - via The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles – The New York Times
  • Ode to Sarah#4 - Final one Poem #4 Sarah, My longing for you is unceasing. i busy myself lest my love for you overwhelms me and floods my soul  so much goodness so much light so much kindness so much mercy is terrible for me to behold i feel so….awkward about it all it is frightening and liberating all … Continue reading Ode to Sarah#4
  • Ode to Sarah #3 - i have been swamped lately, but i have stuck to my Recovery Plan…daily exercise,  gratitude exercises, taking my meds, eating healthy and so on…so i am doing well.  When i am tired, my brain is also sluggish, so i will delight you with some poems i wrote to Sarah recently (with her permission, of course) … Continue reading Ode to Sarah #3
  • Ode to Sarah #2 - i have been swamped lately, but i have stuck to my Recovery Plan…daily exercise,  gratitude exercises, taking my meds, eating healthy and so on…so i am doing well.  When i am tired, my brain is also sluggish, so i will delight you with some poems i wrote to Sarah recently (with her permission, of course) … Continue reading Ode to Sarah #2
  • Ode to Sarah #1 - i have been swamped lately, but i have stuck to my Recovery Plan…daily exercise,  gratitude exercises, taking my meds, eating healthy and so on…so i am doing well.  When i am tired, my brain is also sluggish, so i will delight you with some poems i wrote to Sarah recently (with her permission, of course) … Continue reading Ode to Sarah #1
  • Liebster Award -   Ashley Peterson from https://mentalhealthathome.wordpress.com/ nominated me for a Liebster Award.  She has an excellent blog which is always packed with information.  Ashleyleia shares openly fr0m the her unique perspective as a nurse and mental patient.  An interesting, practical and helpful blog. What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award serves to bring new bloggers some … Continue reading Liebster Award
  • Tools for Recovery - no sense writing what has already been well written: via Tools for Recovery | Mental Health America
  • Recovery Strengths…Reflective - i know this is one of my flaws.  Procrastination.  No doubt about it. You have seen the pictures of our kitchen.  i hope.  ‘Cause that means you read other blogs of mine.  i am touched.  But back to the kitchen. Sometimes John has lapses in memory and these are exacerbated by any manner of distraction.  … Continue reading Recovery Strengths…Reflective
  • Gobbledygook - I do not know what is happening in your country, but our country has a “roadmap”…it seems to have no real roads….only imaginary ones…future ones…tomorrow roads…vague tomorrow roads…here is the link if you like this sort of thing:  mhcc_strategic_plan_2017_2022_eng Jaded John
  • Recovery Strengths…Determination - Ok…it has been a weird bunch of days lately.  i have gone from panic attack to panic attack in every conceivable situation and have survived.  i have had a lot of help from Tricia, Ed and Sarah, but i have survived.  i am one determined person. i know there are some of you who would … Continue reading Recovery Strengths…Determination
  • Psych meds 101: Mood stabilizers - helpful information…know your meds, folks Mental Health @ Home This is the 3rd in a series of primers on how psychiatric meds work.  The previous posts were on antidepressants and antipsychotics.  These are based on my professional knowledge as a mental health nurse and former pharmacist as well as my own experiencing taking these medications … Continue reading Psych meds 101: Mood stabilizers
  • People of Faith -   Imagine if we lived out faith…i love this commentary on Christmas greetings John
  • The Dark Night - “When I look back on the suffering in my life, this may sound really strange, but I see it now as a gift. I would have never asked for it for a second. I hated it while it was happening and I protested as loudly as I could, but suffering happened anyway. Now, in retrospect … Continue reading The Dark Night
  • 30 Days of Gratitude -
  • Positive Distraction Ideas -
  • Why I Write About Mental Health - Originally posted on Happy Mentality:
    I have been asked many times why I do this. Why do I write about mental health? I sat down and thought about it this week, and here is my answer. Because its what I know. Everyone is familiar to a certain extent with feeling down or anxious. I have…
  • Recovery Strengths…Humour - i’ve always made people laugh.  i could make my dad laugh, and that was a toughie, let me tell you.  War makes you serious, i suppose. Don’t get me wrong.  My dad had a sense of humour and a lot of his buddies thought he was a funny guy, but it was the kind of … Continue reading Recovery Strengths…Humour
  • Never Seen this Before…Cool - It is sometime a difficult thing to find positive traits in the midst of Recovery.  It has been an exhausting day already and i really needed something positive…this will do for now. You are welcome, John    
  • Why do I love December? ❄️☃️ - Originally posted on DD's blog:
    Like most people, my first thought of December is Christmas and holidays. A month of happiness, laughter, color and good intentions, at least in a large population. Individuals believe that Christmas is just another commercial trap for people to spend money. Though there is some truth in it, I,…
  • Eudaimonia - Originally posted on The Renegade Press:
    I have always hated the idea of wearing shoes when I drive. Ever since I first learned how to navigate the quiet back streets close to my family home with my parents by my side, I have felt uncomfortable with the idea that my foot is separated from the…
  • Is store bought puff pastry really good enough? - Originally posted on Invisible-No-More:
    How many times have you heard a chef on TV say that store bought puff pastry is just as good as making it yourself? Probably many times! I know I have and I have never seen a recipe that says “first make puff pastry”. No one makes puff pastry aside from…
  • Our Humble Kitchen…Pictures - You probably wonder about my kitchen.  When i read other blogs about food, the first thing i wonder about is their kitchen.  i used to dream of huge kitchens (my last one was big enough to feed our small army). We have a small home.  The Asylum is a grand title for a small place, … Continue reading Our Humble Kitchen…Pictures
  • Sarah’s Perspective - John asked me to write something about living with him, and more specifically him and his conditions. And right there I start to feel awkward… yes he endures his bi polar, depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress. These are all things he shared with me on our first coffee date almost 12 years ago. I … Continue reading Sarah’s Perspective
    Hi everyone! Today I am bringing to you the first post from my new series on my blog called Beginner Blogger; I am starting this series because I’ve had a lot of blog related questions from many people, on my blog, Instagram and Twitter so I thought what better way…
  • Psych meds 101: Antipsychotics - thanks again for the excellent info Mental Health @ Home Welcome to the second post of my psych meds 101 series on how psychiatric medications work, this time focusing on antipsychotics.  In these posts I’m bringing together my knowledge as a mental health nurse, ex-pharmacist, and gal with depression who’s tried a boatload of meds, … Continue reading Psych meds 101: Antipsychotics
  • Psych meds 101: Antidepressants - good info Mental Health @ Home I can be a bit (okay more than just a bit) of a geek, and one of my big interests is how medications work.  Throw in the fact that I’m a mental health nurse, former pharmacist, and person who has tried piles of different psychiatric medication, and you get … Continue reading Psych meds 101: Antidepressants
  • Christmas Cocktail…yum - via Invisible-No-MoreMaking the most of your mid life crisisHoliday Cocktail: The Hot Apple Pie
  • Smoking: Pork Butt - i love the taste of meat.  All kinds of meat.  Pork, beef, chicken, turkey…all of them and a few others i have sampled up here, including bear and moose.  I receive these other meats from friends who hunt. I like my meat dead.  i do not enjoy hunting.  The meat must come to me. And … Continue reading Smoking: Pork Butt
  • Loving Me - i love when i get to use a quote thingy more than once.  Last time i wrote about how the experiences we have in life, particularly when we’re young, have an impact on how we view the world around us. For me, feeling like a victim comes naturally.  It is a comfortable spot…a familiar place.  … Continue reading Loving Me
  • Grace - When i was a young man, i was a thief.  i stole stuff just to steal it.  Dad would come home and i would pick up a couple of coins and perhaps some smokes, if i thought he would not miss them.  Bastard smoked menthol, too.  Yuck. One time my mom’s parents were in town … Continue reading Grace
  • Assuming the Worst - i am the worst.  The ugliest.  The stupidest.  The most callous.  Etc. i don’t really believe those things, but they are ever-present in the back of my mind.  If something negative happens, i likely caused it or i deserve it. Maybe i watched Lost in Space too often.  Every time i face a situation, i am convinced … Continue reading Assuming the Worst
  • Feels Familiar - via Depression: My Journey Through the Fog
  • Things People with Anxiety want others to Know…video - via “I analyze things constantly. I can’t turn my… – Mental Health on The Mighty
  • Integrity - I used to be one of those.  When i first went on Facebook, i felt it was my duty, you know, being so smart and everything, to correct other people’s grammar.  I was a teacher’s aide in university and marked first year papers.  It was kind of my responsibility, right?  Help society with their grammar.  … Continue reading Integrity
  • Many of you know more than i about these issues…comments would be appreciated, but please read the article first - via Is there a path to redemption for any of the high-profile men accused of sexual misconduct? – CBC News | Opinion
  • Self-Discovery…Healthy Movement - i think when i last spoke to you, i was a mess.  Emotional bleed out.  In town, no less.  Lots of fun for a guy who does not like to share emotion.  i won’t bother with my gratuitous “F” word.  i think you get the idea.  It was one terrible day. i slept well.  But … Continue reading Self-Discovery…Healthy Movement
  • Reblog of a terrific post on mindfulness - Good Afternoon to each one of you. Hope that most have you have survived the insanity of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. I did not partake in all the craziness of jammed parking lots, 20%-50% deals, and irate shoppers pushing and shoving their way at the Mall. In fact, I avoided it […] … Continue reading Reblog of a terrific post on mindfulness
  • The Drunken Sailor - Maybe you have heard this song: What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor? What shall we do with the drunken sailor? What shall we do with the drunken sailor? What shall we do with the drunken sailor Early in the morning? REFRAIN Hooray, up she rises! Hooray, up she rises! Hooray, up she rises! … Continue reading The Drunken Sailor
  • Self-Discovery…the Beginning - Memories.  That’s what self-discovery means to me.  And i have far too many painful memories to want to stay there for very long.  So i go there once in a while to see if anything is too far out of place.  Nope.  Good.  Move along. I am not unique in that way.  We all have … Continue reading Self-Discovery…the Beginning
  • Momentum - God i love science jokes.  And i don’t bother explaining them because you either get them or you don’t.  Take my word for it:  that cartoon is friggin hilarious. Momentum equals mass times the square root of velocity.  I could not do the formula numerically because i cannot figure out how to make the 2 … Continue reading Momentum
  • My Privilege - i have been a thug most of my life.  i have anger issues.  Bet you never saw that one coming.  i have used violence (physical, verbal, emotional, and spiritual) or the threat of violence to control my environment for most of my life.  Maybe some people are born violent, but i doubt that very much. … Continue reading My Privilege
  • Smoking Ribs - i love living up north.  The seasons generally follow one another in a sensible progression.  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.  Like most things up here…constant, dependable. Not like down in southwestern Ontario.  i love our home town of London, don’t get me wrong.  It is a beautiful city and you can grow pretty much anything successfully … Continue reading Smoking Ribs
  • Men…please watch -
  • Enlightenment…WTF? - Yes.  It is Sunday.  So i am doing a post on spirituality. i used to pastor evangelical churches, which made me an Evangelical Christian.  The label now makes me cringe.  Don’t get me wrong…you know i am a Jesus guy and i really do love most of my fellow Christians and have a lot of … Continue reading Enlightenment…WTF?
  • overthinking -   Yeah, i can relate totally.  i over think.  It is a consequence of something, i suppose.  Mostly, i think, out of a fear of being wrong.  The idea of being wrong crippled me for most of my life.  There are plenty of people in this world who will take advantage of me if i … Continue reading overthinking
  • Let’s talk about sex (and mental illness) - a tough subject to broach, especially when one already feels “less than”…thanks for the insights into medicines…will definitely reblog Mental Health @ Home What do mental illness and sex have to do with each other?  Quite a bit, actually, both in terms of the illness itself and the medications to treat it. Let’s start with … Continue reading Let’s talk about sex (and mental illness)
  • Recovery Plan: Exercise…How - i’m not a trained gym jock.  i was a goalie in hockey and a catcher in baseball, however, so i’m not a stranger to the gym.  i was 42 when i got into my car accident.  I rode my bike about 10k each way to work.  i went to the gym for strength training three … Continue reading Recovery Plan: Exercise…How
  • Mindfulness - Self-Reported Long-Term Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Patients with Bipolar Disorder The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine https://doi.org/10.1089/acm.2016.0427Conclusions: Despite methodological limitations, this survey allowed documenting mindfulness practice and perceived sustained benefit from MBCT in patients with BD. Participants particularly valued increased awareness that they can influence their own health. Both informal and formal practices, when sustained … Continue reading Mindfulness
  • no sense reinventing this…terrific science-based article - via What Does Mindfulness Meditation Do to Your Brain? – Scientific American Blog Network
  • Recovery Plan: Exercise…Why - Ok…honeymoon is over.  i’ve been kind and now it is time to be tough.  No one wants to be told they need to exercise.  If you like being told to exercise it is probably because you already engagein some sort of thing that helps your body.  Me.  i like food. i don’t eat a lot, … Continue reading Recovery Plan: Exercise…Why
  • Gratitude…just beautiful - https://give.gaia.com/cjaehz954004001mdw4kj9ke0
  • I’m Nuts…Medication - i am not a doctor.  Please do not make the mistake of thinking i know more than a trained medical professional.  i am sharing my experiences.  That is all.Did you know there are so many psych meds in our waterways it is screwing up nature?   Here is an intresting article, if you are interested in … Continue reading I’m Nuts…Medication
  • Opioids…be aware - via 5 Surprising Facts on Prescription Painkillers – Consumer Reports
  • Turning the Page - i turned 59 this year.  i am aging. You are as well.   i do not know if you relate, but aging can be an uncomfortable experience.  For me it feels like i am watching an old friend walk down the road.   Sniff.  Talk among yourselves. Ok.  i am fine now.  i also have told you … Continue reading Turning the Page
  • Happy Thanksgiving! - Originally posted on Roadkill Crossing:
    Standing strong. A straggly driftwood tree on a lonely beach might seem like a strange symbol with which to say “Happy Thanksgiving.” From my perspective, it’s just right. The stalwart tree, battered by wind and sea, still stands. To me, it serves as a reminder of all those in the…
  • Sorry…I’m Nuts -   i gotta tell you something.  i actually believe this statement, but it is tough sometimes, right?  It is so easy to burn energy on fighting “enemies”.  It is in quote marks for a reason.  Enemies are often the constructs of our own minds. i’m talking to my crazy friends out there.  If it rings … Continue reading Sorry…I’m Nuts
  • Old Testament Christians - This may be disturbing for some…be healthy please…and it is Jesus stuff, so if you do not like that sort of thing, resist the urge to correct and criticize, and just move along.  These are personal things from my journey. That statement may raised your hackles a bit.  I am not an Old Testament Christian.  … Continue reading Old Testament Christians

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Spring is Here

Which means I am busy as hell and finding it difficult to focus on much else…our window for spring planting is small here, so any sunny days are gardening days.  BUT…I did read this terrific article on karma which explains some of the misconceptions many people have about karma. Hope your life is well filled … Continue reading Spring is Here

Little Changes

My species has been really pissing me off lately.  Yes, I am human…thanks for asking. Do you remember the old Rodale’s and Mother Earth magazines?  The news we are receiving now is nothing new.  We were told by many different experts that the planet was not adjusting well to our parasitism.  We were told that … Continue reading Little Changes

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