Moving forward from a set back

terrific, practical advice

Stressed Depressed Well Dressed

‘when it rains it pours’

well shit it has flooded in the past week. To give a brief recount on what had led me to fall so deeply into the darkness of my depression, last weekend I, in a drunken and venerable state opened up about reoccurring incidents with a male family friend, one that had/has made very crude and sexually inappropriate comments and jokes towards me, something I held within at the fear of not being taken seriously or worse causing a family to fall apart. This is where my week started to take a very anxious and dark turn. The next set back was the day my mother and sister had returned from their holiday, we were all seated and told that a family member had been diagnosed with cancer, fixable but not entirely curable. There is no correct way to take such devastating news but when you…

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