Don’t Be a Dick

i don’t know if someone famous said this or not and i am far too lazy to do a search.  It speaks truth, i think.  No matter the “special spiritual group” you might belong to…no one has the only answer.  If you do, you will probably write a book about it and make a fortune.

Me…i struggle with religion.  i have pastored different kinds of congregations and i have rarely found any “evil” people.  Perhaps biased, ignorant, or overly assertive about their beliefs, but you can find people like that anywhere, right?    i have yet to sit in a bar for long before someone starts spouting their opinion about any number of things.  Sometimes it is me.

But we kind of expect people who “talk the talk” to “walk the walk”, don’t we?  As the quote above indicates, empathy for others is a human thing.  That’s one of the minimal requirements to live functionally in society.  Don’t be a dick.  Religion can’t fix “dickness”.   No set of codes or rules is gonna fix that and that is where spirituality comes in for me.

Remember.  I warned you.  If you don’t agree something someone says about their beliefs, exercise your right to ignore it.  any comments considered inappropriate for the site will be deleted.  Don’t be a dick.

Going door to door may make you feel better but, to be honest, you are a pain in the ass.  I don’t want to talk about Jesus right now…i have a roast in the oven.  Hell, i didn’t even know he was lost.

My friend, Darcie, once told me she wanted to go to Lethbridge.  “Why is that,”  i asked.  “I heard a guy say he found Jesus in Lethbridge.  I always wanted to meet Jesus, so i think i’ll go to Lethbridge.”

(Ba Dum Tss)

Spirituality is an inner thing, and people are generally private about such things.  There is a reason for that as well.  Once i tell people i’m a minister they begin to look uncomfortable.  i was playing goalie for a team once.  A friend asked me to fill in, as their goalie was too drunk to play.  Got there in time, got dressed in my equipment and was generally ignored by the rest of the guys.  I was a fill-in, after all.  My friend arrives, listens to all the chatter and then smiles and says, “Guys, i would like you to meet our goaltender, Rev. John Burner.  See that’s him being  a dick.

i never announce that sort of thing, and never in the locker room.  Now guys are not talking much.  Quietly.  One fellow says, “sorry about that stuff i was saying earlier, i did know you were a minister or i wouldn’t use language like that.”  Looking up from my stretches and staring straight at him, “fuck, that’s ok”.  And you could feel tension just evaporate.  And no one cared after that.  They shot pucks at my head just like a regular goalie.

So i think spirituality is first and foremost about not being a dick.   If people are always uncomfortable around you, maybe your religion is showing.  Believe in something or don’t.  Just don’t be a dick about it.  Please.

St. John of the Asylum

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