Blueberry Banana Bran Muffins…the first try

I promised you yummy recipes, so today i setup my camera for pictures (video is out of my league right now) and, to be honest, was quite excited to do some baking today.  It is “no pissing outside” cold right now, and there is a sticky somewhere on the site that says, “Winter has arrived” if you want to see a picture, along with the current forecast.  Snowblowing in gale winds is one of those things i do not do.

Found the recipe for my muffins and began to set things up, so they would be together and easy to manipulate for the pictures.  I am not much of a photographer, so i will do what i can.  My camera needs a charger right now, so IPad it is…you have not complained so far.

Eggs, buttermilk, sugar, oil…need some flour.  I usually add some oat flour or quinoa flour or something to all-purpose just to add a little extra nutrition.  And i cannot find the bran.  i know i have bran somewhere, because i saw it the other day when i did not need it (sound familiar?)

After a mini-search, i locate the bran and remind myself things will get easier as i organize the kitchen to suit my purposes.  A little sigh, likely, but things are coming together.  i still need flour, so i go into the peanut shelves to get some oat flour i also know is there.  There it is.

These are peanut shelves.  I love them for the way they use every bit of storage space in that corner.  By the way, i don’t ask for money and collect none, so if i endorse something, it is only because i love the product and use it myself.

For crying out loud.  Why is there flaxseed or chia seed all over the peanut shelf?  Must have broken a package.  This is crazy.  Just pull the stuff off there and wipe it down and then it is clean for organizing.  Easy peasy, right?

And then one of the chia seeds moved.  i have limited eyesight.  Like George Costanza, i can see fine if i squint and it saves me a trip to the eye doctor and his incessant, “this one, or this one”.  It’s the computer age, for crying out loud!  Can’t i just look at a computer and it just does that for me?  I digress.  Often.

Yup.  It moved.  i have limited knowledge of chia seeds.  Perhaps they are like mexican jumping beans and…then it hit me…BUGS!!!!!!!

I am not afraid of bugs and value most of them for their presence in the garden.  i do, however, launch into a pretty an impressive karate ballet if i walk into a web of baby spiders.  And my one rule for bugs, is “not in the house”.  Like the boys.  Take it outside.

i am not a chemical guy, generally speaking.  Trust me…i know how to kill bugs.  As i looked closer, moving things from the shelf, it became evident that this was not a tiny infestation.  This is a small house and i was starting to feel crowded.  Breathe.  Oh.  They hatched out from that package of dried green lentils.  Lentils outside into the snow with the bugs for the birds to munch on.  And i start tearing everything out of the shelves.

This is the present state of my kitchen, so Blueberry Bran Muffins will just need to wait for tomorrow.  I crawled around in the corner and killed the remaining little buggers with my thumb, after first wiping most of them into a cloth and, yup, outside.  i have checked periodically, but have seen no more lately.  But i will wait for tomorrow, just in case they regroup overnight.  Does bear spray work on lentil bugs?

The rest of the day has been much more different than i planned, but no anxiety attacks.  Why not.  i reached out to a friend for help.  I dealt with the issue at hand decisively.  i spent time doing deep breathing and positive self-statements.  Tonight i will watch football.  i know there will be challenges ahead, but my attitude makes all the difference.  i made a choice today to look after myself and reschedule things.  And that makes all the difference.

Tomorrow…the muffins.

Buggy John

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