My Mom


My mom thinks i am cool.

Mothers.  i love mine very much.  Who’s mother would send their child a cake through mail, along with a little container of icing?  Mine.  For my birthday.  Through Canada Post.  The cake she used to make me every year for my birthday when i was a kid.

Banana cake with peanut butter icing.  Thanks mom.  You made me cry, but that goes on a lot these days, and i found it cathartic and it brought back wonderful birthday memories of a double layer cake with icing in between, regularly dotted with coins in wax paper.  There would be at least one coin in each slice, and everyone knew there were different coins, but only one of the largest…a quarter, i think.  i am old, so that was a lot of money back then.

Here is a pic i located of my mom with my sister, Linda, her daughter, Melanie, and Mel’s daughter, Madison.  Four generations of strong women together. 

i have three great sisters.  i am the eldest child.  I was the first male grandchild, as well.  Mom’s parents had boys, but none lived past infancy, so a boy was a big deal.  Was i spoiled?  This picture from my childhood maybe explains it better.

Notice the only one laughing.  My aunt Alice was trying to get this picture of the family and i guess we were not cooperating.  The women are wearing looks of exasperation, except for Linda, who is crying.  I imagine i had been pulling her hair or something.  I was not kind to my sisters growing up.  They have somehow found it in their hearts to forgive me and have been a great support during this time.

Mom also sent me some comic books, that she thinks may have belonged to me.  i do not know why i would have had a comic book that is totally in french.  My francophone friend tells me it is parisian french.  i don’t think they were mine, but i will enjoy reading them.  Long time since i thought about the Jetsons.  Thanks again.

And…if that was not enough…she included a handwritten letter.  Two pages of pure love and support.  A treasure, and my mom has never heard me say that about one of her letters, trust me.  Mom would send me letters that were usually 6 or 7 pages, both sides, all handwritten.  i would sigh and begin to read, as she described every detail of what had been happening with life.  As i concluded the letter, i would realize it had simply been a trip to the store and back.  The whole letter was about a walk she took to the store and back.

Ok…finally.   Did i mention my mom has Parkinson’s?  Baking is a difficult task, when memory and motor skills won’t cooperate.  I am totally blown away, really.  To conclude, i hope someone loves you like that…i hope you have even one person who will unconditionally care about you in that manner.

i’ll let mom have the final word.

Thanks, John. I didn’t open my computer until today. I wonder if the cake was worth eating after the long trip, but maybe that’s beside the point? You know I love and care about you! The comics I didn’t know who else would appreciate them and feel free to donate/light the fire or whatever. Sorry, no coins in the cake this time! lol”

Thanks again, mom.


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