Self-Reported Long-Term Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Patients with Bipolar Disorder The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine https://doi.org/10.1089/acm.2016.0427Conclusions: Despite methodological limitations, this survey allowed documenting mindfulness practice and perceived sustained benefit from MBCT in patients with BD. Participants particularly valued increased awareness that they can influence their own health. Both informal and formal practices, when sustained in the long term, might promote long-lasting changes.

Hope you didn’t actually try to read all that.  The simple message is this:  Practicing Mindfulness, like practicing Gratitude, will have an amazing impact on your life.  It has on mine, at least.  And i hv just started.  Of course, you could just pooh pooh things and move along on, but i invite you to stay at least a minute or two, and listen.

Living a consistently mindful life takes effort. But mindfulness itself is easy.  It is simply a matter of realizing where you already are.

“People set the goal of being mindful for the next 20 minutes or the next two weeks, then they think mindfulness is difficult because they have the wrong yardstick,” says Jay Winner, a California-based family physician and author of Take the Stress out of Your Life. “The correct yardstick is just for this moment.”

There is nothing to pursue.  It is the paradoxical “the more you hunt, the less you will find” mystical kind of thing.  You don’t look for  benefits.  Instead, you just have to trust that the rewards will come.  In unexpected ways, perhaps,  but they will come.

It is a matter of being aware.   Of you, where you are, and what is happening.  i’m sure that some of you who actually practice this meditative technique will have stuff to add.  If you are a practitioner, perhaps you would write something down for us.  That would be kind of you.

i am new to this, but all i can say for sure, is i am more aware.  More aware of nature.  More aware of the people around me…in a good way.  More aware of what is going on inside me, apart from the steady buzz of my brain racing.  A calmness and peace is developing.

If you are in a recovery program of your own (i use recovery in the broad sense, not necessarily AA or other programs), i invite you to consider this technique,  i posted an article about how mindfulness influences the brain.  Even if you don’t feel particularly sciency, give it a read.  Very cool stuff.

And who am i to tell you how it is done?  There are so many people doing a good job and i found this article particularly beneficial.


Happy adventures, i will keep you posted.

Mindful John

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