7 thoughts on “Many of you know more than i about these issues…comments would be appreciated, but please read the article first

  1. I really think it depends on the level of sexual harassment/assault. If it’s against a minor/child, unforgivable. For sure. I think rude comments can be forgiven, rude gestures. But things like rape or what Weinstein did is unforgivable. He only spent a week for his “sexual addiction?” First off, sex addiction is real but I think too many celebs lay that down to cover their asses. You can be a sex addict and not rape or try to coerce women into having sex for their jobs. From my understanding, most sex addicts usually have consentual sex with random strangers. A lot. They don’t necessarily do the things that some of these men have done. As for Trump, his nasty comments reflect him because he doesn’t even realize it’s wrong or grow from that mentality.


    1. i honestly do appreciate your comments. As a man who has not experienced this kind of harassment, i really need guidance…i contributed to the problems for so many years with my ignorance and inappropriate humour. I cannot be that person anymore. Thanks again for sharing

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      1. It’s great that you realize know what it means & that you are trying to change. For me, personally, I’m not easily offended so dirty jokes, for instance, unless they’re really bad don’t bother me. It’s the sexual innuendos thrown at me from every other man that comes into my workplace. One man told me we should have sex. I told him my boyfriend wouldn’t like that very much. So you know what he said? “Oh, he can watch.” It’s things like that. Groping. I’ve been stalked. These are disgusting behaviors but unless the stalking got bad or I were to be beaten or raped, I wouldn’t turn someone in for just being a pig. But I put him in his place. I try to avoid violence but I punched a piggish man once for groping me. Men don’t realize how often sexual harassment occurs. I’m 29 & I could write a book. I had a boss that would rub his groin against my behind like he was trying to squeeze through but there was 10 feet between us with nothing for him to “squeeze” through. He’d just come up behind me & brush against me.


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