Our Humble Kitchen…Pictures

You probably wonder about my kitchen.  When i read other blogs about food, the first thing i wonder about is their kitchen.  i used to dream of huge kitchens (my last one was big enough to feed our small army).

We have a small home.  The Asylum is a grand title for a small place, but it is a spiritual thing.  so our kitchen is small as well.  Sarah is an amazing cook, by the way, but it is a hobby for me, so think of it like a man cave in the garage.  There is no man cave in my garage.  i would be afraid someone might move in.  i crack me up.

Looking from the kitchen into the Ninja/Unicorn training site.  My desk.  To the left is our wood stove and i store a few large pots behind it…covered so no ash and dog hair is in them.  I will take you on a tour of the kitchen.

Excellent fridge, microwave and oven units.  Microwave and oven are convection.  The fridge is cavernous and has separate areas for stuff that are climate controlled differently.  If we buy produce, it keeps for a very long time.  Important when a lot of produce can be substandard.

And a freezer in the bottom.  We have two refrigerator freezers, and two more freezers in the garage.  I froze a lot of produce this year.

cupboards over the appliances, roasters, sausage making stuff, a clay roaster, pizza stuff.







cookbooks and dish set, glasses, mugs

drink and toast center next to oven…food processor, mixer, sink dishes…top drawer cutlery… second drawer, assorted kitchen tools…third drawer, plastic bowls.  There is a small deep fryer under the sink, along with a few cleaning items.

The clock in the window is temporary, likely to be replaced with something digital…needs to run on batteries so one clock is correct after power outages.  This is the stove with granite backsplashes.  i would prefer gas, but do not want a bomb next to the house.  i’m weird that way.

I know it looks crowded down there beside the stove.  Space is at a premium, so i put up some pegboard and painted it.

Tons of cupboard space.  Top drawer is spices (i have around 50 or so).  Second drawer is cheesecloth, wax paper, and that sort of thing.  Bottom drawer is plastic containers for leftovers or takeout.

This is the view from the other side of the kitchen.  Just so you get an idea of our space restrictions.  These cupboards were built by Dan’s Cupboards here in Cochrane and his work is impeccable.

The prize butcher block.  Scooped it in London, Ontario for cheap (it was in a restaurant basement with big steel legs, covered with years of wax and dirt.  Trucked it all the way up here, along with our flooring and appliances.  Delivery costs would have been quite high, so we bought a small trailer and brought it up ourselves.  The trailer is now used for watertight storage.

i took off all the old wax with steel wool.  Then i sanded it for hours by hand.  It has a nice finish, as i freshened up the beeswax for the pics.

I have a Vitamix (love it!), spice grinder, knife sharpener, flour and sugar, salt and pepper beside the stove and get other things together before i cook.  Focus and memory problems demand i be organized.

There is one drawer under the stove filled with baking stuff and another filled with pots and pans.

A total view from the other side of the kitchen.  The butcher block was designed so people could sit and watch me cook, talk, etc. It is better than everyone sitting in the dining room (which is right behind the wood stove).



i love to cook.  i love to bake.  i can a lot of our own produce.  And i love our little kitchen.  And no one of our family and friends have ever seen it this organized.  So yay for me!

Come on over for dinner sometime,

Cook John


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