Why I Write About Mental Health

happy to repost…how i feel as well

Happy Mentality

I have been asked many times why I do this. Why do I write about mental health? I sat down and thought about it this week, and here is my answer.

  1. Because its what I know.

Everyone is familiar to a certain extent with feeling down or anxious. I have experienced these feelings to the extreme as well as in smaller doses. I know the struggle of trying to get on with your daily life while having a mental illness. I know how it is to feel ashamed of your mental illness. I know that some people still judge you for it, no matter what you do. But I also know how it is to come out the other side, and heal from a mental illness. To have your biggest supporters become known to you. I know how to get help and I know that it is important to talkā€¦

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