Ode to Sarah #3

i have been swamped lately, but i have stuck to my Recovery Plan…daily exercise,  gratitude exercises, taking my meds, eating healthy and so on…so i am doing well.  When i am tired, my brain is also sluggish, so i will delight you with some poems i wrote to Sarah recently (with her permission, of course)

Poem #3

The Lady of the Deep Woods

Beckons me to darkness

Confusing my mind

and conjuring thoughts.

I look into the darkness

and recoil in fear

at the emptiness and danger

Anxiety comes to be my ally

Yet she beckons me still

Fracturing Ego 

Feelings of shame and unworthiness

Envelop my being.

“I am no coward” 

my mind implores

calling forth my pride

I rush headlong into my fear

The darkness overwhelms me.

I feel the closeness of myself

Feelings shredded and raw

I look for help and find

I have become

the Rage

the Fear

the Pain

the Misery

Where is the Lady of the Deep Woods?

Has she vanished into darkness 

to mock

and await my fall?

I am aware of Me

Real Me

Awkward and shy

Timid and insecure

Trembling at monsters in the closet.

Suddenly, i feel her presence

She is a cool breeze of comfort and love

She has been with me all along

Watching, waiting for me to see her

to reach for her

to seize her gentle grace.

Now I walk with the Lady of the Deep Woods 

The darkness of my soul has lifted

And i see the lights around me

Bringing brightness to my soul

And I am filled with gratitude,

O Lady of the Deep Woods

For my soul has been lightened 

And fear has become less.

And i know

there are no monsters in the closet

Only shadows without power

Thank you.

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