Energy Movement

Many of you can relate.  i have been busy with a lot lately.  That is not an apology for not writing more, it is just a fact.  Writers on a lot of mental health sites apologize for not writing because they are feeling like crap.  Not me.  My site.  My process.  I was tired.

Exhausted.  Trying to get everything done here before i go down south for the holiday season.  i will get to see Sarah and all our kids and grandkids, so i am very excited.  Been following my Recovery program and feel grateful and healthy.

Let me tell you something:  it is difficult to get motivated to walk/run 1.5km with the dog when it is -37C.  For those not familiar with metric, that is fucking cold.  As in “exposed flesh will freeze in a minute” cold.  But i have been doing it, because it keeps me healthy.

There it is in a nutshell for me.  It is not that i am never afraid.  i have just begun putting my “fear energy” into “gratitude energy”.  And this has made the difference.

If you do not want to call it a miracle, that’s just fine with me.  Remember that you did not know “before John”.  He was a miserable, ungrateful dick a lot of the time.  And that made John sick.  Don’t be like “before John”.  Learn to be grateful.

And begin now.  Use the gratitude prompting tool in the section called tools.  Do not wait one more day before changing your perspective.  It will make a huge difference in your life.  One of our daughters said she thought it was kind of cheesy until she started practicing gratitude herself.  Internal transformation.

i am a firm believer in the power of behavioural tactics to change patterns of thinking.  For example; if you smile for a while, your mood will improve.  Your brain is wired to your face, so when you smile, your brain interprets that as a good thing and gives you some chemical goodies.  And they are free!

i may have a lot more supports that you right now.  Or maybe you have supports all around you and just cannot see them because learned, ingrained mental patterns are in the way.  So change the mental patterns.

It takes time and perseverance.  And you may think i am a chit for suggesting you try this approach during the terrifying season of Christmas.  This may be one of your worst times of year.

Here is what i would like you to try.  Smile at people.  Not everyone.  You are not distributing pamphlets.  But there are some people who are handing you grace, i guarantee it.  Smile at them.  Just the kind people at first.

And take fifteen minutes a day to be grateful.  Sit down, try to clear your head, and take that time for you.  You fucking deserve this.  You may be a dick, now, but nothing is written in stone.  And what do you have to lose?

i’ll be checking in over the holidays as i have time.  If you need a hand, drop me an email.  If it is urgent, then get help.  It would be cool if you would share your successes and failures.  Honestly, i would like to know.

Grateful John

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