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Extreme Cold Warning

Issued at 14:33 Thursday 31 January 2019

The coldest wind chill values will be between minus 40 and minus 45.

Wind chill values near minus 40 will continue tonight.

Conditions will improve Friday as milder air begins to move into the area.

Monday improves to -7, with the possibility of ice pellets


This was the forecast for yesterday, here in Cochrane, Ontario.  For my non-metric friends down south, -40C is the same as -40F.  Thank goodness the forecast for warmer weather has been updated…be too cold for ice pellets after all…just more snow.  All of this is just fine with me, by the way.  I chop wood (at that temp, it literally explodes apart), go for a walk, blow snow and enjoy the quietness and closeness of nature.  That is why we moved up here.  It is quiet and peaceful almost all the time.

I have to admit i am puzzled when i hear people up here complain about the cold weather.  Is it cold?  Of course it is.  REALLY FUCKING COLD.  But that is to be expected when you live 8 hours north of Toronto.  It is a part of life here.  But people keep on keeping on and that is amazing to even me.

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i was raised in cold weather, so i really don’t mind it that much, but age is gradually changing that picture.  And sometimes nature throws in some unexpected curveballs, like snow for a week…or ice pellets.  But the snow machine is tuned up and ready for business, thanks to our friend, Eric.  Like i said:  i know it will snow a lot and get really cold.  It is a fact of life here and it would be silly to expect otherwise.

There are many things in life that are also facts.  Someone is going to fuck you up.  Emotionally, physically, spiritually or whatever other ways available to them.  There are dicks in the world.  The mowt pain comes from people you trust and they screw you over.

Come on now.   Does that really surprise you?  Not me.  i have lived in many different situations and circumstances, and i can assure you this is a fact.  It will happen.  And more than once.  Not just to people with mental illnesses.  Everyone.

Broken promises.  Fractured relationships.  Painful consequences.  We have all been through it.  As an aside, no one has screwed me over lately, so this is not one of those “reactive” pieces.  It is our human experience.  Fact.

But i know some other facts.  i know hanging on to that shit does nothing for me.  i have developed coping techniques because i know i will need them at some point.  So i exercise, i eat fairly healthy, i spend time with people, take my meds responsibly and focus on the positive in my life, which are many.

Just over a year ago, i was mired in a deep depression and saw no hope for any sort of a quality life.  i was convinced i was being put in a home and my paranoia raged inside me.  i trusted no one and was in a cubical of despair.

As i think back, i realize that nothing has changed in my physical circumstances.  Sarah was, and still is, the most kind and loving person i know.  And, despite my paranoia at the time, i was surrounded by loving friends and family.  And my meds have not changed.  So what is different now?

Ok.  As i said above, i do try to develop healthy patterns in my life, with exercise, diet, etc.  But it is more than these things.  i am now a grateful person.  i spend time reflecting, at different points in my day, on the wonderful aspects of my life.  Nature, people i value, physical health, etc.  i am grateful we will not get ice pellets.

No one can take away my gratefulness.  i will still encounter those people who are, after all, just people.  Like me.  i was a tremendous asshole to the people around me for a great deal of my life, so i know that side of the fence well.  i know how easy it is to fall into destructive patterns which hurt me and people around me.

But, although it was tough at first, gratitude is also a choice.  It is a decision to look at my life through a different lens.  i began on a site and made daily observations to express my gratitude in a tangible way.  After a year, the difference in my perspectives on life, others and myself have gone through some wonderful changes.  Remember:  physical circumstances have not changed for me…it is an internal thing.  Love the lady below and share a lot of her quotes.

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Life is a decision.  Either you make the day, or the day makes you, i always say.  There is an intentionality about developing a healthy lifestyle.  It does not just happen.  It is work, but it is also likely the most worthwhile journey on which you can embark.

i encourage you to be more grateful in your life.  Much of the suffering we experience is because our daily doses of pain overwhelm us.  The only solution i have found for my life:  make a decision to take time each day to focus on what is beneficial in my life.  I am grateful for those things.  Daily.

May not be easy at first but, like any exercise, consistent repetition builds strength and endurance.  Trust me on this one.  It will not fix what life throws at you, but it will help you to see many circumstances in life through a different lens.  Yup.  Will so.

Here is some wisdom for the day:

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Grateful John

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