Spring? hahahahahahaha!

April 14.  Hopefully last big snowfall of the season.  In case you think I am joking, here is a picture Sarah took yesterday.

Image may contain: plant and indoor

Snow seems to have stopped and things will clear up in no time.  My beds were just starting to show, but this stuff will melt quickly.  We are well into longer hours of daylight up here and that makes a real difference.  I have been baking and cooking and will post some recipes soon, but right now I want to show you what is going on in the greenhouse, my sanity place.

Today (this post was started last week) I will begin to show what is happening in the greenhouse, since all the beds are still frozen and covered with snow.  We are supposed to get another small dump seen, but then a spell of sunny bright days.


To the left are some planted trays of flower seeds and some early cole crops.  The lids are off now, as some are germinating.  Remember that the trays sit on heating cables, so the roots get plenty of warmth. To the right are some Cowpots, which I love, that have beets and chard, etc… plants that are better direct planted, so rather than transplanting, I put a seed in each corner of the pot and then thin out to the best three or four.  Then I just plant the whole pot into a hole and they experience no shock and produce a crop earlier.


I will tell you now, as remind you occasionally, that I receive no benefit from recommending specific products.  I tell you about them because I use them and find them useful in my experience.  If that changes, I will let you know.  This is not a money-making venture for me.



To the left is a bed of mostly straw and compost that will hopefully become a productive mushroom bed.  In the background is the power setup for the solar.  Unfortunately, I need an electrician and everything is in lockdown for now, so I have run power from the house.  The goal is to run the whole greenhouse on solar.  I just need to add a couple of panels and perhaps a couple more batteries.  I am not an electrician, so this will need to be done later this summer.





Below is an idea I am trying this year.  I am using empty toilet paper tubes for planting some vegetables.  I want to see if they will break down quick enough.  I also hope the “collar” will deter some pests.  I will keep you updated, but seeds are sprouting nicely and the tubes hold moisture well.

I also have garlic growing in the greenhouse, only because I am trying about eight varieties to see which produce well in this area.  Some varieties are better for roasting, others for raw use and still others that are sharper in flavour.  My friend, Al, will try anything, so I will maybe have him over for a tasting session later in the season.  Storage is a huge concern for us, so I will need to evaluate how well they keep their flavour, etc.

And I loooooove garlic scapes.  I will share some of the things you can make with them, such as pesto, jelly, etc.  They store for a long time in the crisper tray with a little wrap of damp paper towel.  I may try pickling some this year to use in caesars and the like.

Ok.  Heading back to the greenhouse.  May your gardens be blessed with healthy life and growth.

John of the Asylum


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