Yeah…so this has been going on

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Hello dear readers.  I know, I know…I have been procrastinating.   (NOTE:  began this two weeks ago). That is really the only word for it.  It is my nature.

I am still in the process of reordering my site, so it has some kind of structure, but I have been a little in the dumps.  I am bipolar, so this is never a small issue.

The ongoing snow and, presently, a dip in the polar vortex has chilled things and slowed down everyone’s outdoor planting.  Although our final frost is last week in May, or thereabouts, there are some things which can be done outside, if the weather warms up.  Here is the current outlook, so things are looking good:

I dealt with a small rodent problem in the greenhouse, after they decided to eat all my pumpkin and squash seeds, planted just the night before.  And the greenhouse is doing well, so I spend time in there.  A sunny day brings it up to 30C, no problem.  And last year we added a potting shed addition with a wood stove.  I have used that a few days, and I have heating cables running under the pots.  I have found that warm roots are the key to healthy seedlings.

Here are some recent pics:  side yard, my hauling trailer beside the wood shed (under the snow), and the back beds, just beginning to show.











Patient (mostly) John

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