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Hello there, my friends.  Yup.  A heatwave.  Not too long ago I was worried about frost and now…well…it has been scorching, as in mid 30C temps.  We cool off in the evening generally, but we had a few warm nights and we do not have air conditioning.  And then the “no-see-ums” (some form of tiny biting gnat that can go through regular screening no problem) are out and, well, biting.  So it is easy to be grumpy, but the gardens have enjoyed the heat after all that rain and cold.  I am a happy camper.

Decided to finish this post last night but the weather was distracting.  I kid you not…we had a storm last night jump into our area and managed to get a little hail into the equation. I have not heard of anyone having major problems with the hail, but I have definitely had a few challenges this year.  Climate is changing, for sure.  Anyhow, here a few update pics, taken by my faithful photographer, Sarah, who is also the love of my life.

I realize I continue to have problems with my formatting skills.  I have short term memory issues, so it will take me a while to relearn the program.

Above is the new herb bed I constructed one afternoon.  It is out front.  We store a lot of water for the gardens (the barrel) in case the well pump ever quits.  Sage, rosemary, thyme, peppermint and chives so far.


left bed has sunflowers, tomatoes, squash and some herbs…right bed is the old garlic bed, now starting cumin in the middle and pickling cukes around the edge…sunflower and some sage plants that return every year







left and right are pics of the two strawberry beds.  They are doing terrific, but I really want to do something different with them…we will see…the ever-present sunflowers help protect the plants







Below are three “cinder block” beds that have been in production for about four years.  They require little weeding and the soil is loose and fertile, so just about anything does well.  On the left, the large plant is lovage, which has a celery flavour, and there is rosemary, sage, nasturtiums, garlic, carrots coming up and a few different kinds of bean that are doing ok.



Some earth bags with zucchini starting to show.  We always seem to have enough zucchini, lol.  Black Beauty, Golden and Romanesco.



The rhubarb bed is finished after I harvested another batch.  Horseradish is starting in the front.  There are sunflowers on the mushroom bed to help shade things.








Left is the potatoes, hilled up with rotten hay left over from last year.  On the right is the chaotic greenhouse.  Almost all my peppers are in and you can see garlic and some large radishes.  There is some lettuce regrowing in the front.







Anyhow.  It has been busy.  I will get some more pics this week as things develop.

Hope you are terrific and have a great day!

St. John of the Asylum


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