Signs of Spring

So excited!…a sure sign of warm weather up north, as the baby zebra struggles free of the snow!

Ok…April Fool’s or whatever, but we are beginning to see definite signs of spring. Warmer temperatures, early plants beginning to bud, and we are on slate for warmer weather, which means I need to get things going in the greenhouse. I can’t get too excited, as if I plant some things too early, they will be too large to transplant easily. So, here are a few pics inside the greenhouse.

The soil inside the greenhouse is still frozen six inches down, and this time of year, it is difficult to maintain enough heat to keep the temperature inside from reaching freezing. I have a new wood stove being hooked up next week that will heat things up nicely. I put heating mats under the newly seeded trays to help germination and keep them in the tent to make sure they stay warm.

After seeds begin to do their things, I will need to open the tent on hot days, so making a door will happen in the next couple of days. I have used metal electrical conduit, which pretty much lasts forever. Last year all the PVC tubing I used got so hot it melted. Even now, a sunny days means temps in the greenhouse are in the 30C range.

Above you will see an old water tank, I stripped it of all the insulation and stuff and then painted it with high temp black paint. It heats up to incredible temperatures and then holds it in the evening, helping to mediate air temperatures in the evening. It remains too cold to run water from the house, but as soon as temps are a little higher, the heater tank will be filled with water, as this holds temperatures much longer than air.

You see two water barrels, which will also be filled with water, likewise holding heat, but also supplying emergency water for a short time, should the well have pump issues.

So, there you have it. Things are coming along well. All my seeds are sorted and organized in a shoe box. I have potting soil ready. As soon as the soil heats a little more (any time now) I will get started and you should see more posts about what I am doing in the gardens and how nature (like the zebra) is progressing in our area. It is truly an amazing show!

Spring invites my manic side to flex its muscle, so it should be fun!

St. John of the Asylum

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