Tricia’s Birthday Dinner…Dessert (Boston Cream Pie)

This is my butcher block.  i bought it in London, Ontario and brought it all the way up here to be my main countertop.  There is a constant changeover of restaurants in London.  I think it is some kind of perfect test market for food products.  Not sure why, but pretty sure i read it somewhere.  … Continue reading Tricia’s Birthday Dinner…Dessert (Boston Cream Pie)

Tricia’s Birthday Dinner…Starter and Main Meal

Tricia is a cool lady.  She and Ed are good friends who have been extremely supportive and helpful during this time of transition. i have mentioned Tricia's site, Growing Your Gratitude, which has helped me to focus on positive aspects of my life and myself.   That site is here: And they are pioneer people, … Continue reading Tricia’s Birthday Dinner…Starter and Main Meal