15713995229_7e14fb66c8_bI love food!  I feel delicious just saying it out loud.  When i begin to think about a good meal, my Pavlovian response is drool….plain and simple.  Mom filled the plates and we sat down and ate it all up.  That was the rule, most times, and i have eaten some unusual things for breakfast, which is much worse than finishing them at supper time.  I once heard that a child will not starve to death in the presence of good food.  I believe it.

i will try almost anything, although a few things, like runny whites in eggs, still churn my stomach.  And, like many in our day, we drank powdered milk.  Great stuff.  Never goes mouldy.  Never goes sour.  Will survive nuclear blasts.  Yum.  And if it was not made in advance, mom would just whip some up.  Nothing like warm, lump milk.  Yum.  To this day, i detest the idea of a glass of milk.

And we were raised in the Space Age.  The race was in full swing as Russia and the United States battled it out for bragging rights.  And the astronauts were like superheroes to us…magnificently chiseled specimens of manhood, bravely going where none had gone before.  Sigh…it was pretty cool stuff for a young boy.

i say that, to say this:  we ate space food…like the astronauts.  Tang, for example.  Now i am not even sure the astronauts ever drank Tang, but anything powdered could go into space and i was sure it qualified as space food.  Drink with gusto.  Packaging became more important than nutrition.

And this philosophy remains true today16499024366_1c9f15b52d_b.jpg

Really?  You want me to get excited about giving the kids vitamin D?  But what about the yummy corn, sugar, fat and artificial colours and flavourings?  Should you be interested in that sort of thing, it is usually listed in a box on the back in print so tiny a flea would need glasses to read it.  More of an afterthought, no?

As well, we lived under the threat of nuclear war.  Phrases like Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD…catchy) were tossed around, along with advice to hide under your desk, should things spiral out of control.  i suppose when you are living under the threat of nuclear war, a good supply of Frosted Stuff, Tang and powdered milk will see you through it all…as long as you remember to get under a desk, which has magical shielding properties, apparently.

You may have picked up on my subtle dislike for modern packaged food that is devoid of nutrients.  We should be outraged i guess, but we are not,  because packaged food seems to make life simpler.  You mix a few simple things with the ingredients (milk, water, butter), add a seasoning packet and voila, instant food!

We raised eight children in our blended family, and i totally get it.  This is not a condemnation of anyone…ever.  People who are constantly on the go and then care for a multitude of needs at home, partner or not, and drop into bed at the end of the day, exhausted.  Folks can’t eat well if they do not know how and for many, just the idea of cooking anything fills them with dread.

Our children were raised to try even a tiny bit of everything, unless it totally grossed them out.  Complaints or excuses were not necessary.  Just try a little and actually taste it.  Who knows?  if you do not like it, don’t make a big fuss.  Push it to the side of your plate and leave it there.  and it isn’t a restaurant with a menu.  Don’t like anything there?  make yourself a sandwich or something.

i am not a chef and have no training, except what others have given me along the way.  But i know some things and will share them with you in the hope your culinary journey will be an enjoyable thing.

Here is what i propose.  i will be posting recipes on this site, some of my favourites at first.  I will take pictures as i am able and give guidance along the way.   That is about the limit of my tech skills right now.  i hope to do a couple of video clips for some things, but that is way off in the future at this point.

Try some of the recipes.  I will try to rate them myself.  Constructive comments are appreciated.  i quite often change a recipe to see what happens.  I also have favourite sites i use for my own education.  So i will update them as need be. I also have favourite sites i use for my own education.  Take a deep breath and relax…we will be fine.  Trust me.