• Bulgur Bread - That is how some people look at me when i suggest they bake their own bread instead of buying that ultra-processed crap they sell at the store.  i will grant that it takes some practice, but most of that is learning to feel the elasticity of the dough. For those of you who are startled … Continue reading Bulgur Bread
  • New Year’s Resolution - You have not heard from me for a while.  i like Christmas.  i enjoy seeing family and friends while i am here in London.  No apologies.  i am having a terrific time reconnecting with Sarah and we have made great progress in our relationship.  i know some of you have had difficult experiences this Christmas … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution
  • Why do I love December? ❄️☃️ - Originally posted on DD's blog:
    Like most people, my first thought of December is Christmas and holidays. A month of happiness, laughter, color and good intentions, at least in a large population. Individuals believe that Christmas is just another commercial trap for people to spend money. Though there is some truth in it, I,…
  • Our Humble Kitchen…Pictures - You probably wonder about my kitchen.  When i read other blogs about food, the first thing i wonder about is their kitchen.  i used to dream of huge kitchens (my last one was big enough to feed our small army). We have a small home.  The Asylum is a grand title for a small place, … Continue reading Our Humble Kitchen…Pictures
  • Smoking: Pork Butt - i love the taste of meat.  All kinds of meat.  Pork, beef, chicken, turkey…all of them and a few others i have sampled up here, including bear and moose.  I receive these other meats from friends who hunt. I like my meat dead.  i do not enjoy hunting.  The meat must come to me. And … Continue reading Smoking: Pork Butt
  • Blueberry Banana Bran Muffins…Finally - A promise to you.  i will not pretend to be a chef.  These people are highly skilled at most aspects of food preparation.  Most of the ones i know need to be business managers, as well.  Not to mention being able to accurately prepare dishes under enormous pressure.  I am no chef. i am a … Continue reading Blueberry Banana Bran Muffins…Finally
  • Winter has arrived - and here is the forecast so you get an idea what we looking at…we are in Northeastern Ontario yeeesh!
  • How Not to Compost - There are a lot of “man” things i cannot do.  i cannot fix a car.  i can fix smaller things, like a lawnmower, but if the carb is out of whack, then i am cooked.  Note the quote marks, so don’t start giving me grief about how these aren’t just man things…women do these things … Continue reading How Not to Compost
  • Do Your Pants Hang Low? - i live in small town in northern Ontario.  Cochrane, like many small towns, has a busy main street.  Most of  the stores and services i needed that day were in easy walking distance, so i parked my truck at one end of the our main street.  i could go up one side and down the other, completing everything … Continue reading Do Your Pants Hang Low?