A New Kind of Hero (warning…the “f” word)

Fuck.  A New Kind of Hero.  That is what the seminar was called.  Fuck.  i'm sorry... language...i know, but when i entered that room i began to sweat and that is what came to mind. All women.  Great.  All i know about women right now is that they are pissed off.  Maybe not at me … Continue reading A New Kind of Hero (warning…the “f” word)

Anger…It is your Fault!

There you go...if we are honest, i think the world has gotten to that point.  People are more easily offended.  We seem to think it is ok to aggressively vent our views on everything from how to make scrambled eggs correctly (Gordon Ramsey) or the latest political issue that has everyone in a total rage.  … Continue reading Anger…It is your Fault!