Hello there, my friends.  Yup.  A heatwave.  Not too long ago I was worried about frost and now...well...it has been scorching, as in mid 30C temps.  We cool off in the evening generally, but we had a few warm nights and we do not have air conditioning.  And then the "no-see-ums" (some form of tiny … Continue reading Heatwave!

Moving Slowly

You may be asking yourself one question:  does this guy actually do any real gardening.  After all, this might be one of those gardening scams.  If you need entertainment, here are a few... https://www.growjourney.com/5-funniest-online-plant-scams-real-garden-alternatives/#.XvdcSZNKjUI To allay your doubts and concerns, here are a few pics of the gardens under the conditions described in the previous … Continue reading Moving Slowly